Should I have kids close in age or farther apart?

My partner and I just had our first child. We’re brand new parents! Anyway, she’s almost a year and we’re starting to decide if we want to try to have another child sooner or later. Parents, what are your opinions on having kids close in age or a bit more spaced out? Does it really make a difference?

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Phuong posted July 1

From a convenience standpoint, if your kids are closer in age it makes things a bit easier. You’re not taking kids to as many different schools because most of the time their age allows them to go to school together. Hand-me-down clothes work out perfectly, they play together more, it’s nice. Farther in age can be nice though because if they’re more than 5 years apart then the older one will sometimes be like a mini parent and like helping you out with caring for the little one as he/she grows up! 0 Likes

Brittany posted July 1

I have three kids. The oldest and youngest actually get along the nicest. I think having some space in between ages gets rid of any chance for sibling rivalry and gets rid of a lot of fighting! Wouldn’t change anything though. 0 Likes