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Small family childcare

Any advice on making more room for my childcare ……I have a 1 bedroom house I use the living room area which is a nice size but I would love to hear from anyone with some ideas . Thank you

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Kimberly posted November 3, 2021

when I first started I took my kitchen table out and used that space. it was more convenient also when serving meals. 1 Like

Sherri posted November 3, 2021

Thank you I like that 0 Likes

Ms. Nicole posted November 4, 2021

I’m military housing I’ve noticed families using the dining area with shelving and preschool table also storage ideas that don’t make your hone look like a school 24/7 using an armoire and painting it white and storing shoes in drawer but cubbies on shelves inside,
I’ve used a secretary desk for sign in sheets parent notices etc that closes at the end of the day .
Shelving under breakfast bars, science and messy crafts can be done on a covered patio or licensed deck . Just be creative !
IKEA has great storage options .

Sherri posted November 4, 2021

Thank you Nicole ikea does have a lot of storage bins etc 0 Likes

Diane posted November 5, 2021

I’ve used my dining room for 37 years. It leads out to my outdoor play area and where parents drop off on my side yard 0 Likes

Sydne posted November 12, 2021

yes I too have taken out my dining room table and chairs and have more room for the kids and my living room area so my dining room and my living room and kitchen area I use I have a one-story house it's a four bedroom but it's pretty small house so I utilize the space for the children as much as I can I make the house their house convenient for them and their little bodies.. 0 Likes

Sherri posted November 12, 2021

Yes that was a good idea my house is so small but I make it work I’m thinking about taking out my couch 0 Likes

Kathryn posted November 17, 2021

I had enough place to add on to our home, if you have large items that take up space you may want to remove those. Kids love crawling under tables and being comfortable so that would help out a lot. 0 Likes

Kaleisha posted November 20, 2021

The extra bedroom can be used for napping 0 Likes

Cordelia posted November 20, 2021

Be super creative. I have a small space and use my tv area for our small group or circle time. My dining for snacks/ meals as well as table time. I have a 4 season sun room I use for our play room. For our sign in area, I use their cubbies etc. Get creative and you will figure it out . Best wishes 😊 0 Likes

Sherri posted November 22, 2021

Thank you Cordelia ur very creative how many bedrooms u have I have a 1 bedroom 0 Likes