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Staying safe during pademic

What are the things you are doing to stay safe during pandemic?

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Elsie posted October 30

Check temperature every morning, hand washing, 0 Likes

Juliet G posted November 2

Hand washing,use masks,keep distance 0 Likes

Christina posted November 4

Parents are not allowed to come in children are walked out to them 0 Likes

Irma posted November 5

I’m taking temperatures every morning, having the kids wash their hands in the morning after they eat constantly washing. Social distancing. 0 Likes

posted November 9

I take temperature every morning let the kids wash their hands before play with toys and before we eat something, after we came from outside and disinfected everything be cleaning all surfaces and the wearing mask all the time. 0 Likes

Covena posted November 9

We are taking temperatures upon arrival, washing hand, children wear mask, do our best to keep distance 0 Likes

Covena posted November 9

This is throughout the day. Disinfect and Maintain a clean environment 0 Likes

Naira posted November 10

Health check in the morning, afternoon and before dismissal. Social distance, sanitizing toys more often and washing jeans more often. 0 Likes

Elsie posted November 11

Hand washing, check temperature daily, were mask 0 Likes

Elsie posted November 11

Social distance,cleaning toys daily 0 Likes

Tamika posted November 12

Social distancing assigned individual space to work 0 Likes

Tamika posted November 12

Cleaning toys after use wearing gloves daily temperature checks 0 Likes

Dawn posted November 21

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Maria posted November 22

most importantly praying. 0 Likes