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Stranger anxiety and very clingy

My 15 month old daughter is petrified of large groups (8+ people). She starts bawling and screaming non-stop when people get close to her and the only way to stop her is to take her away from people. She seems to do well in smaller settings (less than 6-7 people). We have been heavily constrained due to this and hardly get to meet all our friends at once. Also, these days, she easily gets upset at little things and if we try to leave her alone, the intensity of her crying reaches epic proportions. We are planning to send her to daycare and are worried that her future provider may decide not to take her in due to this behavior.

We are completely clueless. Any advice is appreciated.

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Soror posted February 8, 2021

hi you have to for while stay with her at daycare she has to trust people who are around her when you are with her play with other kids too first one kids than two.. .than make space and let teacher do that and you play with other kids but you still there than after 2or 3 day you make the more space than let teacher play with her and other kids but you still there .than try it left her for hours than come back than other day make it 2 hours this is my sugestion she just need trust people around than she will be ok you need time it's hard but she and you need it .Good Luck 0 Likes

Carlie & Bee posted February 12, 2021

she might be autism 0 Likes

Melissa posted February 22, 2021

I think when parents stay with their child the child won’t venture off on their own. I never two a parent they can’t stay but I also say leave and let’s see what happens and I text when they leave and keep them in contact of what is going on thru the first day. Usually not having their parent to hide with they will explore easier. Even a year later I can have a child cry at the door and once the parent leaves they are playing laughing and I send the parent a photo to show all well, and usually it’s before the parent gets to their car to leave the house:) 0 Likes

Mahshid posted February 23, 2021

Do you need a daycare? 0 Likes

Tasneem posted March 11, 2021

Home daycare would be better than daycare centers 0 Likes

Claudia posted March 14, 2021

I have the same issue with my daughter. She is 2 and it’s very hard because you worry so much but being in the same position let me tell you first and for most you are not alone. She will probably be comfortable after some time being around kids and while she sees everything is ok. I do expect to be hard in the beginning but being around other kids and having a structure school like environs may help develop her social skills I am currently consulting professional help on to parent her better when she gets her anxiety attacks in public and to understand if throwing her out to the day care is the best approach. It’s hard but I’m sure they will grow out of it however I believe the sooner you treat it the better to avoid them being shy and not have a character of their own. Good luck mama 0 Likes

Vanessa posted March 27, 2021

Hi, allowing you to stay at daycare with her will give your child the wrong impression. She will think mommy belongs at daycare. I suggest you start her at least 3 days a week and pick her up after lunch the first two days and after that after nap.

Also, some children will cry and ponder and or grab mommy's leg and right after the parent leaves the child will wipe their tears and join the other children. Also, ensure the daycare you chose for your child has good student- teacher ratio so that staff can provide with a lot of emotional support. One of the things we do is provide water play with bubbles this helps with the transition.

Good luck,

Leena posted March 31, 2021

Staying with your child in the daycare for few hours is not advisable.. that will increase her anxiety more... children usually cry at drop off but are completely fine with their provider and surroundings once the parent leaves.. separation anxiety is common... give her two weeks for transition and you will see the improvement. Hope this helps.,

Mayra posted April 1, 2021

Poor baby I m so sorry but right now I m really full 😟 0 Likes