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Suggestions for the best Mommy and Me classes?

I’m looking for a popular Mommy & Me class in Gardena. I’d like one that isn’t too small because I want to meet lots of other parents! Suggestions, pretty please! Thanks in advance, mommas.

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Marta posted July 10, 2019

My family lives in the Redondo Beach area and I take my daughter to South Bay Mommy and Me. It’s right off of PCH and we have lots of moms in the group! I’m so happy with how I’ve been able to connect with the other moms in the group and also how I’ve gotten to connect with my daughter! It’s a real treat to be able to be a part of such a loving, supportive community of other parents in my area! 0 Likes

Laura posted July 10, 2019

I'm not a Gardena mama, but I and some friends have had incredible experiences at the Wright mommy group. More of the LA area. So amazing to meet such an amazing group of women who empower each other and learn from one another.

If you’re looking for a big group to join, the Mother Nurture Network is the best! Can’t recommend it enough. The group really helped with my postpartum stress. No matter where you end up, wishing you best of luck with finding a group of parents who feel like an extension of your family!

Kate posted July 18, 2019

I just registered for Mommy and Me classes at The Parenting Village in Manhattan Beach after a friend's recommendation. She told me that it really makes you feel like you are part of a community and is very informative. As a new mama myself, this is what I'm really looking for as I embark on my motherhood journey! 0 Likes

Alice posted August 13, 2019

I attended Mommy and Me classed at the Mother Nurture Network in Redondo Beach. They even have different workshops, special events and counseling if needed. I haven't tried anything else but the classes yet but so far so good!

Also, if you have any older kids - my family fell in love with Ladybug music in the SFV, sort of near Valley Village? I think it's in Studio City. They have an absolutely amazing staff. <3