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Tips for flying on an airplane with an infant!

I will be traveling with my son (11 weeks old) from Los Angeles to Dallas to visit my family for my dad’s birthday. Please give me your best tips on traveling/flying with an infant!

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Michele posted June 5, 2019

Flights tended to actually soothe my little ones. They would go right to sleep as soon as the plane started moving on the runway. Bring enough bottles, and make sure to bring extra clothes (for both of you!!) in case your little one throws up. You’ll thank me for that one later. 0 Likes

Anabel posted June 5, 2019

The hardest part for me was going through the airport, not the actual flight. Security, lines, and then waiting in the loud, crowded terminal before takeoff is hard. Not to mention all of the germs! Make sure to sanitize your and your baby’s hands as much as you can, and do yourself a favor and try not to end up in the middle seat. Calm your son while you’re in the terminal and getting ready to take off and hopefully he will sleep the entire way. Good luck! 0 Likes

Jessica posted June 9, 2019

Always board last. Bring distractions, like toys they can chew on. When the plane takes off and lands, give them a pacifier to help with the ears popping. 0 Likes