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Tips for keeping kids clean during coronavirus pandemic - go! 🧼

Let’s all share the best tips we have for keeping the little ones clean BECAUSE THEY TOUCH EVERYTHING right now and I swear they hate washing their hands. Any advice??

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Nadine posted April 1, 2020

I wiped my husband’s nephew & niece’s hands with baby wipes before dinner 0 Likes

Cynthia posted April 2, 2020

sing a song while washing hands talk about cold, warm and hot 0 Likes

Rosmary posted April 3, 2020

I washing everything every day, sheets, blankets, and toys, sprayed Lysol all the time and mop the floor twice per day. 0 Likes

Carmen posted April 7, 2020

We are a shoe free zone. No outside germs. 0 Likes

Miriam R. posted April 7, 2020

Sing a song During hand wash 0 Likes

Patricia posted April 11, 2020

We wash hand all the time. Sing the abc song. 0 Likes

Carmen posted April 15, 2020

I personally believe the earlier you expose children to personal hygiene, the better they’ll respond to it. Consistency, patience and gentleness have proven to work for me, my staff, our own children and the children we care for. And although some young children may not be big fans of washing hands, wiping their nose, etc, they will soon learn it is not too bad once they are feeling clean!
We wash hands as often as needed with soap and water. We make use of child friendly posters about personal hygiene, step by step hand washing procedures graphics, sing songs, count numbers, read children’s books related to this topic, etc. We teach how to cover your cough/sneeze properly. We also, don’t make it a choice. It’s simply part of the routine. Children are fast learners especially when you provide them with consistency.
Also, every night we wash and disinfect toys, wipe down high-touch surfaces with a bleach solution. Clean and disinfect floors and, shelves and counters, clean and disinfect kitchen/eating areas, bathroom gets clean and sanitized and we sanitize the air with a disinfectant in spray form. Plus we take off shoes before entering the house OR we use shoe covers ;)