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Tips for keeping overnight diapers from leaking!

My toddler keeps leaking through his diapers every night. They’re completely soaked and they soak through his PJs and blankets, as well. Does anyone know of some good overnight diapers or other things they’ve done to deal with leaky diapers at night?

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Isabelle posted June 5, 2019

Make sure you’re not giving your little one too many liquids before bedtime! I’d say that about an hour before his bedtime you start cutting back a little bit. That helped my 2 yo a lot! 0 Likes

Angela posted June 5, 2019

Huggies Overnights are the best for getting through the night. It also helps when you size up in diapers your kiddo will be wearing overnight. I’ve heard that some people use special diaper inserts, too, that help with absorption. 0 Likes

Carrie posted June 12, 2019

We like Huggies overnights too! My son drinks water from a bottle to help relax at bedtime. I just started cutting back how much water he got and that seemed to help. 3oz seems to be the magic number. 0 Likes

Roselia posted June 25, 2019

I found a wonderful product that I just love. Target has these pads..yes, pads that you can place in addition to the dipper that is a wonderful idea. They are called Sposie Booster Pads. 0 Likes
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