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Tips for my son's first haircut? Thank you!!

It’s time for my son’s first haircut! Inglewood parents, where should I take him? I want someone who knows how to cut hair, but I also want to obviously take him somewhere that’s not going to scare him - getting your hair cut (especially for boys) for the first time can be so scary! Help please! Any suggestions or ideas you have are welcome :)

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Joelle posted January 6, 2020

We take our son Muhammad to Janie and Joe’s salon in the Redondo Beach area. He has so much fun there with all of the toys and he always comes back looking so adorable! Look up the pics of the kiddos there. So so cute. 0 Likes

Cindy posted January 6, 2020

We go to Lena at Floyds and she is very good with kids. It’s nice too because there aren’t really any kid-specific salons in the area, so it’s nice being able to go somewhere so close! 0 Likes

Andrew posted January 7, 2020

We go to sport clips. First couple times had my son sit on my lap while they cut his hair. Now he sits by himself for a haircut. 0 Likes

Kerri posted January 7, 2020

We have had lots of luck at Coles Salon in Burnsville. Very friendly and Professional staff that specializes in Children’s Cuts. 0 Likes

Brij posted January 7, 2020

We took our son to Snip Its in El Segundo. We are happy with the haircut. 0 Likes

Deborah posted February 19, 2020

They have salon in most cities that do kids only check your local area. 0 Likes

Kim posted January 7

Diversion tactic. Have him holdSomething on his lap or in his hands while he’s in chair. It can be a tablet, a favorite toy, a flashlight safe for kiddos, etch a sketch, a ball 0 Likes