Tips for raising a bilingual child!

We’re trying to raise our little one with both English and Spanish! Any tips on raising a bilingual child?

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Ashley posted June 5

Start as early as possible, and try to include as much Spanish as possible! Your child is living in an English-speaking environment, so English should come along pretty naturally. Spanish will take a bit more effort, but starting early will give your child a big advantage! 0 Likes

Lais posted June 5

We raised our daughter speaking English and Japanese and reading to her every night in Japanese helped a lot! Reading to your child is important for language development in general, but especially important if you’re teaching him/her multiple languages! 0 Likes

Jessica posted June 9

We did the same with our kids. So my husband speaks to our kids in English and I speak to them in Chinese. Additionally, there are a lot of bilingual daycares out there that will definitely help to reinforce both languages as they grow up. 1 Like

Addy posted June 19

Growing up, my parents always spoke to me in english and spanish in the same sentence. I think it was intentional so my mind would pick it up, and it worked! Looking back, I think it worked best in positive moments like getting ice cream or going to the local rec center. 0 Likes

Lillian posted August 9

I spoke to my son only in Spanish until he was three years old. My husband does not speak Spanish, so he had a hard time communicating with our son. As son as my son started doing activities outside the home he started speaking English. He is bi-lingual and very proficient in both languages. 0 Likes
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