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Tips for traveling alone with a toddler!

Looking for tips on successful solo travel (basically free of a meltdown) with a 2 year old. I’ll be flying with him alone for the first time - my husband is deployed overseas and we’re going to visit his parents on the east coast. I’m pretty terrified of the 5 hour flight with zero help.

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Savannah posted July 16, 2019

An understandable fear, but try to chill out a little - parents travel on planes with toddlers and live through it every single day. A couple of tips based on my own trial and error (& heard via families at my daycare). It’s best to have an aisle seat because you have to get up and walk with your LO often to soothe him. Also, it’s better to book a direct flight - with any luck, he’ll sleep through much of the trip. If you do have a layover, use it to play with and entertain him to tire him out. Oh, and only use the “family with young children” benefit to get on board early if you ABSOLUTELY must because of excess carry ons and gear. Why on earth else would you add extra time being stuck on the plane with a toddler? 0 Likes

Audra posted July 16, 2019

Pack all the important gear in a small (diaper bag-size) carry on and keep it at your feet, instead of storing in the overhead compartment. This way you can access it at all times. Bring all the toys, extra changes of clothes, diapers and snacks you possibly can - it’s better to be over prepared than under when on a long flight. If you’re traveling for longer than a weekend, shell out the extra $$ and check a bag with all the non-essential baby gear and your personal items. Trust me, you don’t want to juggle two carry on bags and a toddler on your hip getting on and off a crowded plane. 0 Likes

Shae posted July 16, 2019

The only things you can do in the event of a tantrum in the air are the same things you’d do anywhere else. Try to soothe, distract and redirect him. Stay calm and keep your voice quiet and soothing. Don’t match their panic. Ignore people around you - most have dealt with a crying child of their own at some point. If not, they will get over it. The best tactic is to time the day’s feeding and napping schedule around the flight. Feed right before takeoff (or boarding, if easier) and aim for a nap right after takeoff. Plus, if he’s less alert during the bumpy takeoff time, he’s less likely to get fussy. 0 Likes

Brooke posted July 16, 2019

You won't know how well toddlers will do when traveling, until you are in flight and each time can be different. I usually try to book the two seats closest to the isle as I found it easier to move about when needed. Also, trying to schedule during nap time or bed time has been helpful to increase their changes of sleeping during the flight. Always have a couple of their favorite items on hand, anything that promotes comfort for them. I hope you have a great flight experience! 0 Likes

Natasha posted October 7, 2019

Preparation is key in terms of being super comfortable with all your travel gear! Make sure you know how your stroller works and any hacks you need in case it doesn't. The last thing you want is a to be fumbling in the security line trying to put it through the x-ray conveyor belt, while your toddler is trying to escape from you. Also try to travel as light as possible and using a backpack is usually the most convenient - this way you have both hands free. Also be organized in where you have put everything: your ID, boarding pass, the sippy cup, favorite toy etc. Knowing where everything is instead of being in a bottomless pit bag will help. Once on the plane, take a deep breath and it's entertainment time with toys, iPad, games and snacks. My main advice for deplaning is that it takes the stroller a while to be put back on the bridge, so hang back if you can so you don't have to stand there waiting while everything else is walking off. 0 Likes