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Toddler keeps swallowing lots of gum, what should I do?

My 2-year-old went into my purse and chewed and swallowed an entire pack of my gum! What should I do? Will he be okay? Do I need to take him somewhere?

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Ariah posted October 24, 2019

My little guy has done this more than a few times. He always seems to find gum, even if I didn’t think we had any around! He was always okay, but one time I do think it blocked him up for a few days. We had to give him lots and lots of water. 0 Likes

Nathalie posted October 24, 2019

Our kiddos have swallowed gum before, but it always freaks me out because I’ve read that if they swallow too much at once then it can block their esophagus, and that’s really scary. I think you’d know pretty quickly if that had happened though, so if your son seems fine then he’s probably okay this time! Definitely time to start keeping your purse out of reach though. 0 Likes

Kori posted October 24, 2019

Swallowing gum is a choking hazard. When a child swallows chewing gum in excess and experiences choking, vomiting, constipation, changes in bowel habits or bloating in the abdomen you should seek medical attention. If your child doesn't display any of the symptoms and you are still worried, contact your family pediatrician to ease your mind. If the gum was nicotine gum, contact your local poison control center immediately. 0 Likes

Tiffany posted November 6, 2019

Chewing gum is generally not harmful to your body... it just eventually passes through. But agree that it is a choking hazard for the little ones. If he has been fine then it seems like there is no need for alarm, however, if you are still concerned I would take him to your doctor to just make sure everything is ok. Definitely be careful about keeping things in your purse that they could potentially eat. 0 Likes

Khina posted October 6, 2021

My daughter eat 8 chewing gum together I’m worried what to do 0 Likes

Jennie posted January 4

What happen to your little one maam?? Im worried cuz my 2yrstoddlwe swallow a gum 0 Likes