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We aren't religious, but they celebrate holidays at school. What should I do?

My family and I do not believe in any holidays and it makes it hard for us because schools are always celebrating all the holidays and we keep my son home on those days. I don't know how else to handle it.

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Stacey posted November 1, 2019

Holidays are tough. Many schools try to celebrate ALL the holidays nowadays to accommodate everyone's culture. I would say, a great way to celebrate with your son on these days is to let him know you'll go and have your own celebrations! Maybe you can create a new tradition. 0 Likes

Ryan posted November 1, 2019

I would probably say to always remind your son of your values and enjoy those days with him and do something you both love! 0 Likes

Rhea posted November 5, 2019

Why not talk about each of the holidays, their origin/history, meaning, etc.? Your son will be encountering them throughout life so might as well be familiar with them so he can decide whether he does/doesn’t want to partake (when he’s old enough to make that decision). 0 Likes

Peter posted November 5, 2019

Your program should prioritize culturally responsive practices for every child (and family for that matter) enrolled. For example, celebrating holidays like Christmas are a significant time of reflection and honor for Christians. Your son can learn from this perspective, but on the other hand, the teachers should be trying to provide experiences that are reflective of your cultures and values. This is considered best practice according to Californias Department of Education Preschool Learning Foundations and Curriculum Framework (I'm not sure where your program is located). If you'd like your program to provide social and learning experiences reflective of your culture and values, I recommend informing your teachers or program director. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me. 1 Like