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What are some activities you have planned for winter break?

My daycare provider has school age kids so I’m taking the week off to hang with my little guy! What are some fun activities other mamas have planned for winter break?

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Ricky posted February 18, 2020

We’re going to do lots of arts and crafts! My daughter been doing a bunch at daycare and loves it. I’m thinking of making homemade playdough and doing an activity that goes along with her favorite book - The Lorax! 0 Likes

Sunny posted February 18, 2020

Puzzles, visiting the local children’s museum, and going to the playground! It’s been a pretty mild winter so I definitely want my daughter to spend time playing outside. 0 Likes

Isaac posted February 18, 2020

Cooking! I like having my little one try new foods and flavors 0 Likes