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What is the best instrument for a toddler to learn?

My oldest (9) has been learning how to play the piano for a few months now. Naturally, his little sister wants to follow in his footsteps. I just keep wondering if her fingers are too small to play the piano, though. She’s only three! Is three old enough to learn how to play the piano, and if it is, is there a better instrument for her to learn how to play instead?

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Ellen posted June 10, 2019

It might be difficult for her to play at first, but she’ll learn more and more and her hands will grow at the same time! I’m pretty sure they also make miniature keyboards for little ones. They don’t really use all of the keys anyway. If she wants to play, she’ll probably pick it up quickly! Most of us need to force our little ones to learn how to play an instrument. You’re lucky! 2 Likes

Debbie posted June 10, 2019

I’m a full-grown woman with smallish hands, and it’s hard sometimes even for me to play, and I’ve been playing the piano since I was eleven! A xylophone might make her happy because it’s similar in that it has lots of notes in a row of keys. Maracas are also pretty basic and fun for kids. If you want her to actually learn to read music, you could start her on the ukulele. It’s smaller than a guitar, fewer strings, and simpler to learn! 1 Like

Addy posted June 10, 2019

You might end up regretting it, but have you considered a junior drum set? 1 Like