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What is the best milk for toddlers to be drinking?

I want to ween my baby off of breastmilk since I will be going to work soon and would love to see what other parents think the best milk would be for a 6 month old?

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Janelle posted July 17, 2019

My baby drinks Similac and I have never had any complaints about it! It has plenty of vitamins and it's been around for decades! 0 Likes

Dee posted July 17, 2019

I just buy regular cow's milk, but my kid is almost 1 yr. Before then, I was usually on Similac. 0 Likes

Aimee posted July 30, 2019

I was using Similac as well and had no issues. And just a side tip, when you're ready to start weaning your baby off of breast milk it's best to do it gradually. You can do this by alternating breast milk with Similac and start adding in other complimentary foods as well. And even though you are returning to work, you can still express breast milk at work and then bring it home to bottle feed, so you still have those intimate moments together during a big change in both of your lives. 0 Likes

Brooke posted August 13, 2019

Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula is a good alternative. This specific formula has MFGM and Lactoferrin for brain support (also found in breast milk) and immune system and intestinal development. I definitely would NOT give my infant whole milk or anything other than formula. Babies can’t completely digest cow’s milk and it contains high concentrations of protein and minerals that can do a number on your baby’s kidneys. Cow’s milk also lacks the needed levels of iron, vitamin C and other key nutrients. You may have to try a few different brands of formula to find what is best for your baby as their systems are different, however there are many options to choose from. 0 Likes