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What questions should I ask during daycare/preschool interviews?

My husband and I just started the process of picking a preschool for our daughter. We’ve toured a few and we’re having a hard time deciding - what questions should we be asking the teachers to help narrow down the best option?

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Rhea posted January 13, 2020

Ask if social learning is a priority within their program. Kids establish the basic foundation of social and emotional development before age five. Some lessons come naturally with just being around other kids, but they should also be incorporated into the curriculum. I like to practice mindfulness in my lessons by teaching children simply to stop and think before they act - this is so key for emotional and social well-being in the long term. 0 Likes

Lisa posted January 13, 2020

You should make sure the preschool offers a complete and competitive curriculum. This is essential for little ones, just like it is for older children. Ideally, the providers will cover English, math and science and also extend beyond the basics to offer art, music and culture. These lessons in preschool form a foundation for K-12 learning, and beyond. 0 Likes

Sarai posted January 13, 2020

Ask about play, too! Lessons are key, but at this age, it’s equally important for kids to play and have access to outdoor activities. Plus, there are tons of opportunities to incorporate purposeful play (play that is focused on learning). This could be something like bean bag hopscotch where kids can learn to count, take turns and troubleshoot beanbag blockers on the ground. It can also be as simple as taking a nature walk around in the yard, exploring the environment. Teachers can point out birds, butterflies, flowers and other things to help them learn about nature in a fun, hands-on way. 0 Likes

Regina posted January 14, 2020

Ask about they curriculum they use,ask about music and dramatic play,outside play,and ask if they use fine motor skills for they little one’s and toddlers, 0 Likes

Faith posted January 14, 2020

You should ask about thier experience, thier ratio and thier curriculum. When chosing a daycare a daycare you have to decide if you want a smaller home like setting or a center. Both of them has its postives and negatives factors. The most important part is to make sure you feel comfortable with the provider. You will definitely have a calm when chosing your day care. Also look around in the environment make sure thier clean and safe. 0 Likes