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what to do when your child care is full of boys?

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Adrienne posted September 14

They may enjoy a construction site or an airport or a huge man made road for cars & trucks and they love blocks 0 Likes

Tyneka posted September 14

More building and outside nature things more getting dirty stuff. 0 Likes

WeeCare posted September 15

Creative activities that allow them to be interactive would be a great start. Anything hands on will allow them to experience new things and get that kiddo energy out! Maybe try a sensory station or an arts and crafts project that uses materials they find from outside. Another thing that could work is creating a fun mystery game where the boys can work together to solve the case! 1 Like

Karina posted September 17

Tell me about it! They love to play with big trucks outside. Also all type of balls; soccer, basketball, baseball etc. Mobil Art is their favorite. 0 Likes

Elsie posted September 23

Take care of them 0 Likes