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When should I start reading to my baby?

When is the best time to start reading to your baby? Any advice on the which types of children’s books you recommend or other tips?

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Joyce posted January 21, 2020

You can start reading to your newborn as early as you’d like. The earlier the better - it’s key for their development and it should become a daily ritual for both of you. Try books with high-contrast pictures and minimal text up until five or six months. A newborn’s vision is still developing each day and high-contrast colors (like black and white) have been shown to help. 0 Likes

Sarika posted January 21, 2020

Starting at or around the three month mark, read books with pop ups, puppets or other elements that your newborn can engage with and reach out to touch. They’ll start grabbing at the pages, too. Before you know it, they’ll be turning the book’s pages themselves. 0 Likes

Cindy posted January 21, 2020

Speaking of pages, using a book with real paper ones is a rookie move. Only add books with thick board or cloth pages to your baby’s library while they’re still under a year old. No book, no matter how sacred, is safe from being chewed by a teething baby! 0 Likes

Debra posted January 22, 2020

I started during pregnancy. The baby is hearing your voice and you are usually relaxed. After birth read as often as possible. Children need to hear and see words. They are absorbing information at a high rate of speed. Even if comprehension is not there, they need it. It also sets a routine and enjoyment of reading. 0 Likes

Vibion Pullins posted January 22, 2020

As soon as possible, make a routine. You can make use of the library so you won't get bored reading the same books even get specific books for holidays. I did this and my son new how to read before he started school. 0 Likes

Regina posted January 22, 2020

Morning I started reading to my stomach when I was pregnant,I did they same thing when my oldest daughter was having my granddaughter,and when she came out she’s keep turn her head to the sound of my voice 0 Likes

Jill posted January 22, 2020

You can start reading to your baby even before your baby is born! There is no time too early. Many specialist believe that you should read at least three books per day to your child. 1 Like

Amanda posted January 22, 2020

Some of the leading research in early childhood education is showing that sooner we start & the more we read to our children the better!! Books don't really even need to be "kids books" you could even read a book you enjoy aloud to your baby & the benefits are still vast as they listen to the inflections in your voice & are immersed with language & tone. As baby starts to grow then you can transition to picture books & simply talk about what's on the page without reading per se, i.e. "Wow! Look at the cute little dog! The doggy says, Woof! Woof!!" Most importantly pick something you enjoy because if you're enjoying it then baby surely will, too! Good luck finding books you both love!! 0 Likes

Cathrene posted January 29, 2020

Start reading to your baby when he is in the womb. Dr. Seuss books are great. Chose the ones with more large pictures and less words. 0 Likes

Valjean posted January 29, 2020

Reading to your baby starts before you have your baby. Reading helps brain development and communication skills. Reading is a good way to build language and communication skills. Books that have repetition, bright colors and words that are to small. 0 Likes

Deborah posted February 19, 2020

You should read to the baby while in the womb. Studies show children interact with parents before birth. Ask you license provider to read to the child daily as well. 0 Likes

Shelly posted April 7, 2020

In the womb😊 whatever books you choose 0 Likes