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When will I start to feel like myself again?

So, the baby is now 3 months old and my partner is back at work full-time. Now that I’m by myself with her, I am noticing how I still really don’t feel like myself. Is this normal? When will I?

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Tabitha posted March 2, 2020

I felt the same way. There’s so much to adjust to! New body, new schedule, new family dynamic. Give yourself time but also check in with a doctor if you feel it worsening. Here for you mama! 0 Likes

Neta posted March 2, 2020

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We need to talk more about postpartum depression. But it is normal to feel this way, too. Take it one day at a time and talk to other new mom’s. It helps! 0 Likes

Carli posted March 3, 2020

Things can get better in time. But sometimes they won’t and it’s okay to ask for help not only help with the baby but help for yourself. 0 Likes

Mom posted March 3, 2020

Having a baby is a lot of emotions. Excited, eager, nervous, tired, scared and more. This is in addition to new clothing sizes , skin changes and emotional changes as well. I know I felt like my husband “gets to go” to work and I have to stay here. And then I realized that this little life came out of my body . So tiny and ready for me( her mommy) and I need to always try my best with her and myself. So I say, some days in bed is ok because we have all been there , tired. But make sure you get out of the bed most days, clean your self up, tidy your hair and make up a little and but in some thing comfortable so that you are appealing to yourself and your husband. Additionally , while the baby is sleep( if you don’t take a nap with them) this is the time to organize your thoughts , get some work done, prep dinner etc. It will come soon, but if you ever feel out of sync completely ask a close friend, a family members or anyone on her I’m sure would have a listening ear. 0 Likes

Rhea posted March 3, 2020

Meet with and talk to other moms! It will get you out of the house and make you realize that you’re not alone with your feelings - whatever they may be. There may be a group through a hospital near you (call the maternity program and ask) or a private group (see Facebook etc.). In case this is bear you, Pomona Valley Hospital has a “pregnancy and postpartum group” that meets twice a month. https://www.pvhmc.org/Centers-of-Excellence/Women-Childrens-Center/Preparing-for-Your-Baby/Calendar-Classes.aspx It’s helpful to hear others tell their stories and share your own thoughts,...or just listen. If you’re feeling really sad, please talk to your doctor!!! 0 Likes

Nelda posted March 3, 2020

It will never be the same you need to start to acomódate to your new lifestyle, use as much time available to rest and also if possible get some extra hands if you don’t have anyone use time wisely, when baby sleep 😴 clean. 0 Likes

Aliza posted June 2, 2020

I agree with Nelda. You will never go back to the person you were you need to find a new normal. Find mommy friends!! Join some type of a group. Get outside because staying cooped up inside with just you and the baby will seriously take its toll. Consider hiring a mother’s helper. Someone to play with the baby while you are home to shower, do laundry, eat or cook, read a book or SLEEP! 0 Likes