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Where do I buy formal clothes for my toddlers?

Hi there WeeCare parents - I need help with finding some good stores in the NoHo LA area for children’s formal clothes. My sister’s wedding is coming up and I will need a dress for my 4 yo and a little suit for my 2 yo! A store that also sells formal shoes for kiddos would be a PLUS! Also, we all know that they’re going to grow out of these outfits before I have a chance to blink, so somewhere not too expensive would be amazing too!

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Jessika posted January 13, 2020

Buying clothes for the kiddos can be so hard because you’re totally right that they grow out of them basically immediately. I wish I had more original answers for you, but we normally buy all of their clothes at Target, even for special events! They have cute little dresses in the kids section and their children’s formal shoes are normally not too bad either! I only have a daughter, though, so I’m not sure about the boys formal clothes, but if they’re anything like the selection that they have for the girls then I think they should be just fine! Good luck! Don’t worry about it too much because you know they’ll look cute in whatever you dress them in <3 0 Likes

Rhonda posted January 13, 2020

We had a family wedding last year and the kids section at Macy’s in the Westfield mall was just fine! I think we even got the dress for my daughter on sale because it was more of a summer style dress that my daughter picked out, but we bought it in November so it was out of season. I hope you’re able to find the right place! Trying on fancy clothes with little ones is so much fun. Watching your son in his clip on bow tie and your daughter twirling in their puffy dresses. Makes me smile just thinking about it!! 0 Likes