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Why is my preschooler always in trouble?

Does anyone else get notes sent home about kids losing focus when they are at their daycares or preschool? I have a 4 year old and I feel like he is ALWAYS in trouble. Makes me feel like a bad parent.

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Juliana posted November 25, 2019

I am also going through this with both my boys (twins) - people continue to suggest we seek medication but I think it's just boys being boys! Let them be kids. 0 Likes

Liz posted November 25, 2019

We went through that with our youngest! We even went for testing to make sure it wasn't an attention disorder. One of the things the doctor suggested was letting him have short 30 second "body breaks" every 15 mins or so where he could shake off all of his ants and get back to work. We suggested this to his teacher and it really helped! 0 Likes

Tiffany posted November 26, 2019

First make sure the teacher is the right fit it can be the the teacher or classroom not providing whatever it is .talk to your child about how the classroom and teacher makes him feel .. they have a system called dojo and it rewards them with points for their behavior in school n out of school. My son is very fond of it had same issue with him being on trouble 0 Likes

Tonya posted November 26, 2019

Lots of times the children are Bored ant not being mentally challenged or stimulated in class and also times are different and children are different .. The children are so so intelligent and just sitting down for an hour at a time is just too much sometimes .. Boys especially have an issue with sitting still .. Talk with the teacher and see what her rules and policies are i I n her classroom and maybe using a weighted vest or weighted lap pad may help as well ... 0 Likes

Verlinda posted November 26, 2019

One dont feel that way. One is the program offering your son challeng activities, or the activities boring? Have they done an assessment to offer resources. What time of the day do the before happens what's going on around that time for your child to act out. Is it naptime, is group time etc.? He's for he's tryn to figure out boundaries how far it can go & who he is & as he's growning old. Is he beginning bullied or is he bullying friends? Has things changed at home? Look to these things & sit down with the staff get their feed back and come up with a plan for home & school. It takes a team to raise a child. Stay positive cause u have a support group. FYI: a close mouth can't get feed., so reach out cause u will always be the 1st teacher and your child advocate. The rest of us the teacher, principles, coaches, therapist, doctor are your support and resources system. I hope this was informational and something to think about and to start putting in to place. Good luck on this journey 0 Likes