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Working moms: should I put my son in daycare?

How have your experiences with daycare been? My son is almost 18 months now and I’ve been considering going back to work. I keep going back and forth about it, though.

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Lena posted June 5, 2019

It took my family a little while to find the right daycare, but since we found it, it has been such a blessing! My wife and I can both work to support our family, and we’ve really enjoyed watching our daughter develop more and more in her social skills. Being around other children her age has made her so much more independent and it’s important to us that she gets to know children from different backgrounds. She has so many friends now! She just had her first playdate with her new daycare friend last week. 2 Likes

Lauren posted June 5, 2019

All of my kids were in daycare from about eight weeks until they went to kindergarten. My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure that whatever daycare you are choosing for your child is run by people who are licensed and have created a safe environment for your child. The daycare my second and third child attended provided educational curriculum, too, which was definitely a plus for us! 0 Likes

Alice posted July 9, 2019

Oh gosh! I remember being so nervous when we first thought about putting our little one in daycare. However, after we did our research, and found a licensed provider that we all adore, it's honestly been a wonderful experience! I know that my child is in great hands, and she can't wait to tell me about the activities she did with her new friends each day. They have a curriculum they follow and I can see that she is learning and gaining confidence. It's such a relief and we are so very grateful! 1 Like

Maggie posted July 14, 2019

Finding the right daycare seem impossible but I recommend you make a list of what are non-negotiables when caring for your child and be prepared to ask about it when touring a daycare. There are great home daycares that offer curriculum and help with children's social skills. 0 Likes
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