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Your little one is growing quickly. It’s time to discuss developmental and behavioral topics like teething, starting solids, and weaning your toddler off of the pacifier.


How can I stop biting and hitting with my 2 year old twins?

This past couple weeks have been such a turn around for me. I have never had this problem with my twins but out of no where if one doesn’t share a toy they start hitting or biting. When I even say no or they can’t have their way I get smacked. Is there any advise on how to change this habits?

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My 20 month old talks very little

Hi, I have a 20 month old daughter who understands everything I speak. She says about 10 words like dada, mummy, yes , no, baby, shoe , up, down, out, in , wow . When I ask her to repeat after me, sometimes she says something so random and different than what I am saying. But she attempts to say it. I'm a first time mom and we are bilingual home. Is this common? She takes in everything, but when I ask her to repeat, she attempts, but it sounds nothing like what I am asking her to say. For example, when I ask her to say "all done" - she always says "ooo ba " - so now I just know when she says oooo ba it's all done. Just trying to understand if this is their way of Learning to explore with speech ?

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When should my child start using pull-ups?

I apologize in advance—I’m a first time mom. My son is 12 months old. When should I transition to a pull-up? Can you guys give me websites for references too?

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My 4 year old spells his name wrong on purpose,

My 4 year old spells his name wrong on purpose, when you tell him the right letter he says the wrong one and then laughs about it I know he knows how what do I do??

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Stranger anxiety and very clingy

My 15 month old daughter is petrified of large groups (8+ people). She starts bawling and screaming non-stop when people get close to her and the only way to stop her is to take her away from people. She seems to do well in smaller settings (less than 6-7 people). We have been heavily constrained due to this and hardly get to meet all our friends at once. Also, these days, she easily gets upset at little things and if we try to leave her alone, the intensity of her crying reaches epic proportions. We are planning to send her to daycare and are worried that her future provider may decide not to take her in due to this behavior.

We are completely clueless. Any advice is appreciated.

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Getting 2 year old to eat

Parents I need help. My 2.5 year old son used to be a greater eater. Now all I can get down him is processed foods like crackers, fruit bars, chicken nuggets. He will no longer eat any of his favorite foods like tofu and noodles. I tried to get some pediasure down him and he spit it out. What are some nutritious foods I can get him to eat? I’m worried he is not getting enough nutrients.

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12 useful restrictions for children


1. a Child will not learn to forgive if there is no one to forgive.

2 . the Child will not develop patience or the ability to wait for the fulfillment of their desires if they always immediately give them everything they want

3. the Child will not learn to accept their own shortcomings if everyone around them is perfect.

4 . the Child will not learn to cooperate if everything always goes the way he wants.

5. a Child will not develop their own creative potential if others do everything for them.

6 . the Child will not learn empathy and respect for others if he does not see that other people are experiencing pain and experiencing failures.

7 . the Child will not develop courage and optimism if he does not have to face trouble.

8 . the Child will not develop perseverance and strength if everything is easy

9. the Child will not learn to correct their mistakes if they do not know the difficulties, failures and mistakes.

10. a Child will not develop a sense of self-esteem and healthy pride if they do not overcome obstacles and achieve something.

11 . the Child will not develop self-sufficiency if he does not know the feeling of isolation and rejection.

12. a Child will not develop a sense of purpose if they do not have the ability to resist authority and/or achieve what they want.

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Gadgets and speech development. 🤔Help or hinder?

We have not once talked about the fact that the gadgets till 3 years is contraindicated from the point of view of the maturation of brain structures. And today we will look at this problem from the point of view of speech development.

It is scientifically proven that no live communication and sensory perception of the objects (smell-touch-taste) it develops very slowly. Moreover, even if a person is completely isolated from society in adulthood, they will lose the ability to talk. Fix this so it works in our brain.

Therefore, long-view movies on the tablet in the end will negatively affect the development of speech.

Let's understand:

✅Children remember words through the speech of adults and peers. The more people of different ages communicate with the child, the better. Just repeatedly listening to the same phrase produced by my mom, dad, grandma, friend, etc., it is to learn to speak correctly and to use these words in different situations; remember the phoneme

✅It involves developing a knowledge of the world. The more items, events, and actions around, the more likely the child will want to call these things “a spade”;

✅Speech is formed through images. When a child knows what an object looks or smells like, it is easier for them to apply the word that means it in the right way. Choose the appropriate wording.

Now let's think about what can give our children the gadget is? Communication? Tactile contacts? Games, interesting events, live speech?

None of this, right? 🙅

Therefore, it is best to remove the tablet and get a book with fairy tales or to invite other children. You won't notice. how “your silent one " will start talking in a way that you can't stop.

What time your child began to speak? Did you do anything to help him do this?

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Fights between children,how to help build relationships

Here are 10 important rules that will help you build a good relationship between your children

1. if you can not interfere in the conflict – do not interfere. Give the children the opportunity to settle the quarrel on their own.
2. if children come to You with a complaint about each other – say "Sort it out, please, yourself." Wait and see what happens.
3. if You still feel that it is necessary to intervene in the conflict, remember that your main task is to help children find a way out of the conflict together and come to an agreement.

4. do not take the side of one of the children, assigning it to the "right" in the conflict. Each of the children considers themselves right and injured.
5. make physical contact with your children. Sit down on their level and put your hands on each child's back (shoulder).
6. Help each child to explain what happened. Let everyone tell their own version of what happened. Help them talk and not interrupt each other.
7. ask how the children want to proceed, how they Are going to make up or share what the quarrel is about. What are their suggestions?
8. help us come to a common solution. The option should suit everyone.
9. If your children don't have any ideas, offer them your own solutions to the situation.
10. if children do not want to negotiate, both children are placed "In the same boat", that is, they experience the same and unfavorable consequences.

Share your ways of dealing with conflict situations between children👇🏻😉

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My baby keeps rolling while she sleeps!

My baby is 7 mos and she started rolling onto her belly and it's really freaking me out! What did you use to stop your baby from rolling? Should I just go in and try to roll her back?

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