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Today I decided to introduce you to a couple of useful games for the whole family😊

They are aimed at harmonizing child-parent relations and developing the child's self-esteem. ⠀

■ COLLABORATIVE DRAWING (from an early age)⠀
• You can play around the table or on the floor. ⠀
• Spread out a large drawing paper or a piece of Wallpaper and glue it with paper tape to the surface. ⠀

1️ ⃣ option (INTERESTING): distribute who will be what artistic material. The father can be a wax crayon, the child can be a watercolor, and the mother can be colored pencils or pastels.
2️ ⃣ OPTION (Simplified): draw with the same artistic material, distributing colors among themselves. ⠀
*️⃣Do not be surprised that the child will want to change - it's interesting to feel in the place of others! ⠀
• Draw your own drawing, but on a common sheet. It will be great if you can create a complete image, but it's not terrible if everyone works in their own way, or you get an abstraction. Your task is to find what unites the drawing. ⠀
❇This is the drawing portrait of the dynamics of your family - feel its value. ⠀
🌿 What will this game tell your child? That everyone in this family is a separate person, and together you are one creative team. ⠀
🌿 And also about how different you can be, but how you complement each other. ⠀

■ Follow ME (from 4 years old)⠀
• The presenter (parent or child) draws the image in parts. ⠀
• After each line or fragment, it shows its drawing to others for a while, allowing them to copy it. ⠀
• Only the host knows what will happen in the end. ⠀
• At the end, compare the results of all participants and discuss what is similar and what is not. ⠀
🌿 What does this game teach your child? Take the initiative, feel yourself in the role of Creator and leader, your significance and value. ⠀
🌿 And this game teaches trust, not only the child, but also the parent. ⠀

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Day Care for Elementary age kids? - LBC

Alot of day care options seem more geared towards toddlers.
Have a first grader and needs the guidance of elementary teachers.
I understand since daycares don't cater to the same age the attention by grade level is split amongst all, but are their any daycares out there that are solely teaching elementary level?
and may help when my son's virtual learning starts up in Fall?

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Playground replacements?

I feel so bad that I can't take my kiddos to a playground, especially because we live in a city. Any ideas for how to get creative with urban playgrounds since we don't have access to our neighborhood park one?

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What age did your kiddos learn how to ride a bike?

I want to teach my daughter how to ride a bike but I don't know if she's too young -- what age did you teach your kiddos?

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Books and toys with multicultural characters?

Hey mamas! I’m realizing that it’s way more difficult to find multicultural books and toys out there, but representation is really important to my husband and I so we’re looking for any suggestions!

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I’m worried because my daughter seems to have some delays, advice?

She’s 2 y.o and has limited communication, does not interact much with other children, and takes part in minimal play. I know she needs to be evaluated but I’m trying to prepare myself. Can other mamas share some of their experiences?

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Activity ideas for my students with disability?

Hi providers!! I need some ideas...I have a few students with some developmental delays and Im wondering if anyone has ideas on some fun activities we can do as a class that are also educational?? Anything helps! Thank you!!

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Curriculum ideas for my daycare please!! 😊

Hey ladies!! Im Cooped up at the daycare with kids and running out of ideas for learning activities to keep them busy and learning. If anyone has any ideas of types of activities they're doing and can share that would be SO SO helpful! You know how helpful details are for thesee things so I appreciate all the help I can get - tell me everything I need all the steps I will do these tomorrow with our class!! 🙏

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Great article for providers on how we need more support for daycares right now!

This article express how I feel and how little is been done for daycares providers. Let me know what you think 😊
Here is the link to the article: https://amp.miamiherald.com/news/business/article242043336.html

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Indoor activities to keep the kids busy?

Hey providers, any ideas for indoor activities to keep the kids busy? I still have 6 kids at my home daycare and I’m trying to stay creative and positive. Let me know what you guys are doing to keep the kids busy! TIA 💕

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