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Whether you are a first-time parent or you’ve done this before, there is always more to learn! Discuss things like tips for weaning your little one off of the pacifier, potty training hacks, and how to put a child in time-out.


what's a great way to get your school again kids in bed at 9

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Birthday present ideas for 1 y.o. niece??

Hi mamas! Any ideas for what I can get my 1 year old niece for her first birthday that's coming up this weekend? I feel like she has everything already!! Plus my sister is going to be moving soon, so no big presents - they all need to be on the smaller side. TIA! 😊

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We are interested in your opinion😊

Shouting, quarrels, insults, punishments.
👆🏻All this often accompanies families in which children do not want to help around the house — parents are outraged: why does their child not seek to share simple chores?

Each child has their own reasons to abandon household chores.
▫ ️And today we will talk about how to motivate him, so that both you and he would be not only useful, but also pleasant to help each other.

The best solution is to encourage the participation of children in the home since childhood.
🔻Usually, young children ask their parents to help them, but the adults say, "Don't touch it, you're still small." Sooner or later, the desire to help disappears by itself.

What if this moment is missed, and the child refuses to clean his room, to perform all possible tasks around the house?

1️⃣Ask them to choose their responsibilities
🔻Hard: "You have to vacuum every day" can have the opposite effect.
✔App but: "Why don't you choose for yourself: can you take out the garbage, dusting, watering flowers, washing dishes, etc., Which do you choose?» gives the child the opportunity to focus on what causes the least resistance.

2️⃣Give him the responsibility for the assignment
That is, from now on, he will plan and be responsible for the regular execution of the selected work. Parents don't have to constantly remind them, "Do you remember what you have to do?" Now this is the child's area of responsibility.

3️⃣Praise the child if he does everything right and on time
But even if he sometimes forgets and does something late, still praise him, encourage him if he corrects. The child will be pleased that you appreciate his help and efforts.

This scheme is much more efficient quarrels and abuse, because the child feels its importance.
He doesn't "have to "or"have to". He is responsible. Just like an adult!

Tell us if you are at home your children?
❓They do it with pleasure, or the inevitable fights?

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How to introduce a newborn to a dog?

I'm pregnant and we're expecting our first baby soon, we have a large dog and are worried about how he's going to do with her. How did you introduce your baby to your dog? I'm really nervous!

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My toddler refuses to put on shoes?

Ugh. My 3yr daughter has started throwing major fits every time she needs to put shoes on. It's so annoying! It turns into a huge argument, any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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What to do with a picky eater?

I have a 5 y.o. who refuses to eat anything other than mac n cheese and carrot sticks!! I've tried lots of fruits and other veggies but I dont want to force it and make the issue worse. Anyone else deal with this? Any tips?

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Hot weather during COVID

Any ideas to escape the heat? A/C isn't working great and indoor malls are closed right now

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somebody message need advice on my son

hes 14

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Playground replacements?

I feel so bad that I can't take my kiddos to a playground, especially because we live in a city. Any ideas for how to get creative with urban playgrounds since we don't have access to our neighborhood park one?

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My two kids keep fighting and I'm over it!

I have two kids -- a 7yo and a 4yo and they keep fighting. How do I get them to stop?

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