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Childcare benefits for the modern family WeeCare

WeeCare is your personal concierge for finding full-time, licensed, quality early education that is near your neighborhood.

WeeCare WeeCare

We do ALL the work finding your dream childcare!

We'll find you the best childcare based on your family’s needs with
24/7 dedicated support.

WeeCare Providers

Customized Matchmaking

We match you with the best childcare provider based on your exact needs, including weekend, nighttime, distant learning assistance, back-up and drop-in options.


Tour Virtually

We make touring safe and convenient by allowing you to video tour directly from the WeeCare app.


Happiness Guaranteed

All WeeCares are held to the highest quality standards. We offer unlimited transfers to guarantee your happiness!

Our focus is health, safety, affordability and education!

WeeCare virtual health checks

Daily Virtual Health Checks

Families and providers submit daily virtual fever checks before care to prevent risk of exposure.

WeeCare small daycare sizes

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes (avg. 6-10 kids) allow for individual attention and social growth, while limiting the spread of germs.

WeeCare rigorous cleaning and sterilization

Rigorous Cleaning and Sterilization

Providers disinfect surfaces, toys, and frequently touched objects every night to keep everyone healthy.

For employees of Utah Tech University

Let us find you the perfect provider!

Scheduled activities to ensure your little one is learning and growing

View scheduled lesson plans from the WeeCare app to see what your child is learning and find directions to continue education at home!

WeeCare activities program
Galaxy in a jar WeeCare activities program Eyes model STEM WeeCare activities program
Fizzy planets WeeCare activities program Drum circle WeeCare activities program

Follow along every step of the day

Have peace of mind with secure real-time photo and video updates to see what your kiddo is learning.


WeeCare activities program
For employees of Utah Tech University

Your dream childcare provider is waiting!