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Place to celeberate birthday

Cam anyone suggest me some good place to celeberate my 2 year old son’s birthday which is this month . Any good and fun place ?

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Birthday present ideas for 1 y.o. niece??

Hi mamas! Any ideas for what I can get my 1 year old niece for her first birthday that's coming up this weekend? I feel like she has everything already!! Plus my sister is going to be moving soon, so no big presents - they all need to be on the smaller side. TIA! 😊

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Breastfeeding Issues

Has anyone had issues with their milk supply, I get 5 ounces my whole day at work from pumping, and she drinks 5 ounces every two hours, on the weekends when I'm home with her all day she'll start crying and rubbing her face on me when I "run out" and everyone says it's supply and demand but eventually ill give up after an hour or so and give her formula and she just chugs it down like she was starving to death. I know it can't magically be fixed but does anyone have recommendations of anything that actually helped them boost their milk supply that I could try?

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Having a hard time with my child using the phone to watch videos

My daughter loves watching music videos of cocomelon and has a fuss when it’s time to eat. She points at the phone for me to turn on the music and I’m glad she finishes all her food but she hardly pays attention to me feed her or if I want her to eat on her own. I need advice on what I can do.

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My 4 year old spells his name wrong on purpose,

My 4 year old spells his name wrong on purpose, when you tell him the right letter he says the wrong one and then laughs about it I know he knows how what do I do??

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Stranger anxiety and very clingy

My 15 month old daughter is petrified of large groups (8+ people). She starts bawling and screaming non-stop when people get close to her and the only way to stop her is to take her away from people. She seems to do well in smaller settings (less than 6-7 people). We have been heavily constrained due to this and hardly get to meet all our friends at once. Also, these days, she easily gets upset at little things and if we try to leave her alone, the intensity of her crying reaches epic proportions. We are planning to send her to daycare and are worried that her future provider may decide not to take her in due to this behavior.

We are completely clueless. Any advice is appreciated.

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Government subsidy accepted

I’m new to childcare and applying at places but I do have two sons and I do receive WIC and Calfresh. I want to apply to child cares but there to expensive for me. I do see how some say “government subsidy accepted” and was wondering if someone can explain what that is and how would I go about getting the help?

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Getting 2 year old to eat

Parents I need help. My 2.5 year old son used to be a greater eater. Now all I can get down him is processed foods like crackers, fruit bars, chicken nuggets. He will no longer eat any of his favorite foods like tofu and noodles. I tried to get some pediasure down him and he spit it out. What are some nutritious foods I can get him to eat? I’m worried he is not getting enough nutrients.

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Disciplining your child

I need some tips on how to discipline my daughter (13 months) when she does something wrong, I’m not sure how to come about correcting her. I sometimes snap but then I realize she doesn’t understand what I’m trying to tell her. I just need tips please help

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Staying safe during pademic

What are the things you are doing to stay safe during pandemic?

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