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Get back to business

Remote video temperature and symptom checks verified by AI.

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Keep your business healthy, safe, and open

Ensure your team is fever free before they interact with AI verified video temperature checks. It only takes 30 seconds a day to keep your employees safe, customers happy, and doors open!

Quick Setup

Start in 5 minutes


Privacy compliant


AI verification

Get alerted when a fever is detected before teams interact

Get alerted when a fever is detected before teams interact

Get notifications in real-time and setup automated messages that outline next steps in order to mitigate risk.

Real-time fever alerts

For designated managers

Automated protocols

Based on fever status

Daily Reminders

To submit temperatures
WeeCare Fever Free Application

Designed for privacy & compliance

Fever Free allows organizations to stay aware without alerting other employees. You have total control of your data accessibility permissions and can create groups with managers based on your team structure.


Sell personal data
To anyone, ever

Track location
Without explicit permission

Share fever status
With other employees

Create cross-team accountability

Employees can see that other team members have checked in to hold each other accountable for keeping the workspace safe and healthy.

Temperature statuses are never shared with employees.

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WeeCare Fever Free Application WeeCare Fever Free Application

Always be in sync

Fever Free is built for organizations of any size. Whether you’re managing a small team that’s on the go or you have 3000 employees, we make it simple for you to manage your team’s health wherever you are.

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