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3 year old won't stop hitting and won't listen

How do you get them to stop hitting and get them to listen. I am taking him to a behavioral therapist but unfortunately there is no opening until end of the month. Hoping they can give me suggestions on how to help him with the hitting issues. any suggestions I can try now will be very helpful.

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Mahsa posted August 26

Hello Christine
As a mom of 2 kids and a childcare provider I recommend to search more about positive reinforcement . There are a lot of useful articles about this subject that it can help you a lot.
Have a good day

Kristine posted August 27

Positive behavior support I would implement immediately. A positive reward system at home can really help. 0 Likes

Donna posted September 2

I would suggest you observe and see what is happening to make them want to hit you may notice something that can be changed and then go from there. 0 Likes

Nicole posted September 6

I would talk with the child face to face and explain how being hit HURTS the person who is being hit. Choose something that hurts that your 3yo can relate to ex: falling down, when a toy falls on his toe etc. so he can grasp the concept of what his action is doing. When he does hit someone or something give him a time-out. They work! I hope this helps a little bit I've done daycare for 11yrs. 0 Likes

Regina posted September 7

Re-direct that Energy if you can put him in activities outside of they home are daycare make shore he get that energy out 0 Likes

Deborah posted September 10

Children hit for different reasons
the same goes with biting. Reaction can be the biggest reason they see your response so make it a teachable moment
Show the child soft touches by taking the hand and slowly rubbing the area he hit.
Give words on why we don’t hit because it hurts. Lastly if this doesn’t work give a time out children have to learn it not ok to hurt another person. Good luck!