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At what age do babies start crawling? How do I encourage it?!

I feel like my baby is late to the crawling game - I keep trying to encourage it, but she has no interest. Should I be worried?

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Shelby posted March 2, 2020

Have you tried more tummy time activities? Whenever she’s awake, encourage as much time as possible on her tummy! It helps with muscle development and gets her in a position where you can encourage her. 0 Likes

Drea posted March 2, 2020

Mine started crawling at 7 months and anywhere between 6-10 months is typical. If your baby is moving in other ways–pushing or pulling up, rolling, scooting on her bum using her legs–that’s plenty! Don’t fixate on crawling :) 0 Likes

Carli posted March 3, 2020

Try to make sure your baby is getting enough tummy time each day. Also don’t worry too much every baby is different and learn it in their own time. All of my kids didn’t crawl until 9-10 months 0 Likes

Mom posted March 3, 2020

Definitely try more tummy time activities. Find soft toys that peaks her interest and have her to crawl towards the toy. Starting out scooting is just a good. It’s a Segway for many toddlers before the start to crawl. Do not worry- every child develops at their own speed. The development stages are set so that you can see what you can expect but no child is the same. Working on this little by little ; you will see great interest and improvements. 0 Likes

Nelda posted March 3, 2020

Definitely more tummy time don’t worry is all about practice , get your baby to rich out for toys that attract 0 Likes

Didi posted March 9, 2020

how old is your baby? 6-10 month is the range. if baby is delayed a little is okay, but too much after that I'd be worried. some babies just aren't that interested in moving. but if you are worried bring your kid to see a medical professional, though sometimes they can miss things as well. if everything else seems to be on track, such as cognitive, social emotional, communication etc, I wouldnt be too worried. 0 Likes

Heather posted March 17, 2020

My kids never crawled they scooted along and then went right to walking 1 Like

Channel posted March 24, 2020

To be honest, my daughter didn’t crawl. She was about secen months when she began pulling herself up and lead her own way by holding onto things. All children are different. Some babies are walking at nine months where as my daughter began walking on her own after her first birthday. Don’t put too much pressure on your baby. 0 Likes

Bethany posted April 16, 2020

No, all kids will explore and develop on their own schedule. It can start as early as 5 or 6months, or as late as a year (like my son) but just keep up the usual things like tummy time, helping move her legs and arms in that motion, she will get it. If you are really concerned, reach out to the regional center nearby you, they have state funded programs to help with developmental delays, and it really *does* help. Good luck mama, you’re doing great. 0 Likes

Lillian posted June 19, 2020

In reality some babies don’t crawl until they walk. It all depends on the child. Put your baby on their tummy and put a toy just within reach to see if the baby tries to go to it. Also get the baby to build strength on the legs and also sitting up by themselves. Some babies don’t crawl until almost ten months. Your pediatrician will let you know if your baby is delayed in regards to crawling, ask at your next visit. 0 Likes