Best Places to Have a Kid Birthday Party in Redondo Beach?

The terrible twos are almost over because my daughter’s 3rd birthday is coming up! I’m trying to figure out what we should do for her birthday. I don’t think she remembers her first or second birthdays, so this will probably be the first birthday she remembers. I want to make it a good one! She is obsessed with animals, but I don’t want to do a petting zoo because that seems like such a hassle. Any ideas for a Redondo Beach family?

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Katherine posted July 9

Okay, so don’t know if these count as animals, but we went to a party at Wonder of Dinosaurs not too long ago! I stayed for the party and the place was very cute - dinosaurs everywhere - and the birthday party seemed very organized and like their team took care of most of it. I had no clue there was any place like it. If she likes dinosaurs, it would be a hit! 0 Likes

Evie posted July 9

In Gardena there is a Jumper’s Jungle center. I don’t know if I’d recommend it for older kids, but I think 3 is just perfect! Looks like a jungle. Elephants, monkeys, and zebras all over the place. We had a party there and it wasn’t too expensive, either. I believe they had a few different packages. 0 Likes

Emma posted July 11

I heard that Art Zone in Hermosa Beach lets you hold birthday parties there. They can even customize the birthday party with a styled theme, and the kids will have tones of fun creating pieces of art while celebrating a birthday! 0 Likes

Tasha posted July 16

The Coop South Bay is a wonderful Birthday Party venue! It's well maintained, spacious and party planning is made easy with specific themes tailored to your chid's preference. It will definitely be a memorable party that the adults will enjoy just as much as the children. 0 Likes

Susan posted August 13

We attended a birthday party at The Little Gym of Torrance not too long ago and our kiddos had a blast! They got to use the entire facility and they had an instructor lead them through different games. Best part is parents don't have to worry about set up or clean up since the staff take care of all of it! 0 Likes
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