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Breastfeeding Issues

Has anyone had issues with their milk supply, I get 5 ounces my whole day at work from pumping, and she drinks 5 ounces every two hours, on the weekends when I'm home with her all day she'll start crying and rubbing her face on me when I "run out" and everyone says it's supply and demand but eventually ill give up after an hour or so and give her formula and she just chugs it down like she was starving to death. I know it can't magically be fixed but does anyone have recommendations of anything that actually helped them boost their milk supply that I could try?

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Leana posted May 20

I had low supply the entire time with my baby and had to supplement with formula. I pumped for 8 months and produced 6-7 ounces per day, pumping 3-4 times a day. Best of luck with your supply. 0 Likes

Lana posted May 20

You have to stay hydrated and you might also want to try out power pumping to boost your supply.

This is also a good read:

Vanessa posted May 20

I used to buy products from and they work like a charm 0 Likes

Elizabeth posted May 21

Mamas milk tea helps and pumping after feeding always helps too brings in more milk 0 Likes

Nahid posted May 25

Eat a lot of Rice and soup beside the food which you are normally eating which includes veggie and fruits lots of liqueurs . 🤗🤗. 0 Likes

Tena posted May 30

I take supplements (moringa, fenugreek, etc) and power pump. Nothing else worked for me. I'd also check if your pediatric office has a lactation consultant. They always have handouts and resources. Good Luck!! Breastfeeding can be so hard!!! 0 Likes

Trisha posted June 10

nuts and oats and extra liquid 1 hr prior to pumping. additional pump session at night 0 Likes

Firoza posted June 16

I've been using 0 Likes

Firoza posted June 16

Sorry. Accidentally hit the send button. So yes, I've been using "Sunflower Lecithin 1200mg, 200 count bottle" from Amazon. I was running low and it pretty much doubled my milk supply for the day. I try and eat as much as I can because you want to upkeep giving baby as much nutrition as possible but this pill supplement definitely helped. 0 Likes