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Dance studios in LA for toddlers?

My LO just turned three and she is obsessed with the idea of ballet lessons. Her older nieces that live out of state are both in ballet, which I think sparked the interest. I’m not sure how doable weekly classes are with our schedule, though (depending on where they are located). Any recommendations of dance studios in the Brentwood area that cater to kiddos?

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Kiara posted September 6, 2019

A family I’ve worked with takes their children to Dance For Kids at the Brentwood Academy for Dance and raves about it. I think they even offer “mommy and me” classes and flexible drop-in options for kids that age, so it’s not a huge commitment for her to try it out. 0 Likes

Gabi posted September 6, 2019

I’d check out the East County Performing Arts Center. I’ve heard that their pricing is more reasonable. Know they allow kids to start ballet at age three, as well! 0 Likes

Jill posted September 9, 2019

A girlfriend of mine just mentioned to me the other day that she's taking her two kiddos to Dance with Miss Alice - there are 3 locations: Brentwood, Venice and Topanga. They have a flexible monthly dance class membership and they offer a sibling discount, hence why both of her girls attend together. They seem to really enjoy it from what I have heard! 0 Likes

Maureen posted September 12, 2019

Expressions Dance Academy has the most adorable program! The classes range from ages 2 - 9 years of age, so your daughter will have an opportunity to get started with her peers. They are also affordable. 0 Likes

Jessica posted September 27, 2019

We take our kids to Zooga Yoga in Culver City. They have a great dance program and its super affordable. 0 Likes