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How can I stop biting and hitting with my 2 year old twins?

This past couple weeks have been such a turn around for me. I have never had this problem with my twins but out of no where if one doesn’t share a toy they start hitting or biting. When I even say no or they can’t have their way I get smacked. Is there any advise on how to change this habits?

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Tyler posted October 14

You could compromise with them. Luke say if you do this then yea we can do that. I used to not like the word no. But when it came to compromise, I got way better. Let me know if it works. 0 Likes

Bonnie posted October 24

How old are the twins?? 0 Likes

Mackenzie posted October 26

I would tell them assertively “Stop, I don’t like that._____ hurts” if you want a turn you can say turn please 1 Like

Nicole posted November 4

Freeze wet wash cloths for throbbing gums ( usually common during teething stages , also children’s Advil. Biting can be a sign of frustration with speech as well so give short examples for children to say as alternative and keep long sleeves on them so a squishy toddler arm won’t look as inviting . This too shall pass! Good luck ! 1 Like

Denise posted November 9

Give atentction end love ,kiss end rangers πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• 0 Likes

Nicole posted November 18

By them both the same toy and they will be happy 0 Likes