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How do I encourage my kids to be creative thinkers?

How can we encourage creativity in kids? What type of things can we have in stock for our kids as child care providers and parents? Kids spend so much time in front of screens nowadays. I feel like it is so important that we encourage and help them to foster creative minds.

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Carolyn posted December 2, 2019

Encourage creativity by empowering your kids to imagine and make believe. Set aside time for dramatic playtime. Provide your kids with plenty of dramatic playtime materials and dress up clothing to play and pretend with. Encourage reading and imagining before films and television. Reward your kids with new art materials. We go to the craft store when they have kiddie events and usually buy the stuff the kids enjoyed using. My husband and I are not very versed in art materials but this has been great for us to also learn and try new things! 0 Likes

Marina posted December 2, 2019

Introduce your kids to as many new arts and crafts materials as possible and don't show signs of hesitation or fear of working with any new materials or they could refrain from trying. Take your kids to all the public or free events you can, they usually have arts and crafts and sometimes cool new materials to try out. We went to an event in the Culver area that had an oil pastel station and an activity involving water spray bottles filled
with paint. We now keep an art station in the back patio we keep paint, all sorts of tools to paint with, pastels, chalk, stuff to make dough with. There are a lot of recipes you can find online of different art materials you can
make out of food and everyday materials. We have started making different types of dough which is a great activity in itself. Making and playing with dough has kids listening and following instructions, using manners and fine motor muscles, and playing with their friends all at the same time.