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How do I get my son to stop needing his pacifier?

My two-year-old is addicted to his pacifier. He sleeps with one in his mouth and also one in both hands! Does anyone have any good tips on the best way to help transition a toddler to not using the pacifier anymore?

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Nara posted June 5, 2019

We cut the tip off of the pacifier and then showed it to my daughter looking shocked that it was broken. She kept asking for it for a few days, but after that never wanted it again! 0 Likes

Ellie posted June 5, 2019

I talked with my son and we agreed that when he turned three it would be time to “give the pacifier to a baby who really needed it” since he’d be a big boy now. He agreed with me. Once he turned three and the pacifiers were gone, he seemed all good! Easier to get rid of than I thought it would be! 0 Likes

Marie posted June 5, 2019

We took our little one’s pacifiers away and she screamed and cried for two days. It was HARD. But after a few days, she got used to it and stopped asking for her paci. 0 Likes
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