How long do you let your baby cry before picking them up?

Who else is struggling with this? Do I use the cry it out method for sleep training? What works? Help!!

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Colleen posted March 10

I hear you!! It’s not easy, but just remember it’s probably harder on you than it is on your little one. If your baby is <6 months then don’t worry about sleep training quite yet, but if you’re in the thick of it, hang in there! Night by night, it'll get better. 0 Likes

Sky posted March 10

I know people swear by it and it works for a lot of infants, it did NOT work for mine. The CIO may simpoly just not be for you and that's totally OK 😊 0 Likes

Teddy posted March 11

Cio worked for us, but I know it's different for every baby. When he went through his 4 month regression, he wouldn't sleep for more than an hour, two at most. He was still sleeping in our room. We moved him to his own room and did cio. It makes you feel like a horrible parent and nobody likes to hear their baby cry, but after two nights, he slept from 7pm-6:30 am every day since (he's now 19 months). He doesn't wake up in the middle of the night, just sleeps through. Again, every baby is going to be different but it worked for us. 1 Like

Gelareh posted March 11

I used different method which didn’t work! Finally I had to terminate my contract since my daycare’s routine was totally out of control and it was not fair with other kids!! Babies always cry!😔 1 Like

Heather posted March 17

I have a friend that got the weighted sleep sack and it has worked wonders baby has been sleeping through the night since getting it ♥️ 1 Like

Channel posted March 24

Setting the mood for sleep is hard especially when you’re wide awake as the adult. Turn everything off and let your child know when it’s dark it’s time to lay down and sleep. For afternoon naps, sleep must take place everyday at the same time following the same action. This will prepare your little one for sleep when it’s time. 0 Likes