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How to teach your child to count!

How can I make counting and math more interesting for my child? It's something I feel like she is really beginning to struggle with.

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Liana posted November 6, 2019

Using sight, touch, hearing and movement helps kids understand numbers and the meaning of operation, like adding and subtracting. Adding and subtracting during snack time or with neat treasures found during a nature walk, for instance, sets up a small challenge and an incentive. You’e got to make it fun! We also use small items or toys the kids can manipulate with their hands and fingers. This helps them visualize amounts and quantity changes. We use beads, pasta, and dry cereal. 0 Likes

Geneva posted November 6, 2019

Food is a great way to practice math. Following recipes helps visualize amounts and reinforces healthy eating and environmental awareness. Use fun shapes, colors, and interesting new items. My kids have recently been excited about practicing counting with fun shaped jello cut outs, pasta, and marshmallows. Even Though we do not always get to eat our pieces, feeling them and getting to poke, squeeze, and squish is just as fun. 0 Likes

Tiffany posted November 6, 2019

We use a sorting tray where we have different kinds of beads, pebbles, corn kernels and other small items that they can easily differentiate from each other. The whole idea is to get them to learn how to count and sort! The kids go crazy over it and they feel so accomplished when they get their task done. 0 Likes

Regina posted November 12, 2019

I like to use music to help with counting,and different things around the house,jelly beans and bingos games is my favorite 0 Likes

Mary posted November 12, 2019

One thing we do often at The Mary Katherine School is have our toddlers and preschoolers count their toys as they get put away. This serves the dual purpose of making counting AND clean up more fun!! 0 Likes

Annabel posted November 12, 2019

We use sorting math games, toys and food and so many thing around to do counting, specially they love music so they learn how to count and sort, they are so smart counting and feel so happy and accomplished when they get their task done. 0 Likes

Kamlyn posted November 12, 2019

Incorporate counting in every thing you do. (Walking up stairs. Eating foods such as carrot, celery sticks, chicken strips etc.) Music and movement, Cleaning (counting how many objects are picked up or put away. This makes counting fun and they love it! 0 Likes