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I’m nervous about hiring a babysitter! Any advice?!

Hey mamas! My baby is 5 months now and we’ve only left her with my parents and in-laws. The thought of leaving her with a sitter terrifies me! My partner says that I have nothing to worry about, but any tips to calm my nerves would be much appreciated :)

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Monique posted February 5, 2020

This is totally relatable! I feel you. I found my sitter through my brother and his husband who live in the area–it helped to get a recommendation from someone I trusted. I definitely would say to just ask around because it helps to gather some “reviews” first! 0 Likes

Pati posted February 5, 2020

Ah it was so hard when I had to leave my little one with a sitter for the first time! Luckily, it gets easier each time, esp once you find someone you trust. Have you tried care.com or any mommy Facebook groups? People are always sharing good recs! Good luck, you’ve got this. 0 Likes

Tonya posted February 6, 2020

Go with your 1st thought and that gut feeling !!! That’s your intuition speaking to you ... 0 Likes

Dee posted February 6, 2020

I’m a licensed daycare provider and I truly understand! Pickup a little early without calling, by saying your phone is dead that’s why I couldn’t call to key I know I was coming early. And always go by your child’s feelings, know the difference between a tantrum or fear! 0 Likes

Lori posted February 6, 2020

Reach out to licensed day care providers!We are licensed. Fingerprinted, up to date with physicals, and monitored by the state. 0 Likes

Cynthia posted February 6, 2020

Follow your intuition. I'm a daycare provider and I always tell parents to listen to their gut. 1 Like

Vibion Pullins posted February 6, 2020

Be sure they have referrals. Actually call the referrals to ask questions at the person. 0 Likes

Nelda posted February 6, 2020

I I had lots of problems myself finding a daycare there are many things to count on for example safety, clean environment feel comfortable and confident remember is your precious little one. 0 Likes

Valjean posted February 9, 2020

Word of mouth. Finding someone through someone that you know. You can always fingerprint them for yourself. Please look at more than one person and a its a.good idea to have someone else with you when you do.your interviews. 0 Likes

Deborah posted February 19, 2020

The best person to leave a infant with is a license provider. You should be nervous it your baby your untrusting this person with. Meet the person learn about how they feel about children. What are there experience? What is their teaching style? Ask about education background? What vibe are you getting while interacting with this person? 0 Likes

Lisa posted March 3, 2020

Farrah, First Congratulations on your baby girl! I completely understand your fear. What you should do is ask friends and family if they know any good licensed providers. Then set up appointments and interview with them. First impressions are important! How do you feel in your gut about the provider? Ask for references and call them. I have been a provider for over 20 years! No question is a dumb question, they should be a open book for you! It may take awhile to find the one you feel most confident with. I wish you all the best!!! 0 Likes