My preschooler has started stealing things! What do I do to stop it now?

My daughter has started stealing things. She goes to friends’ houses and comes home with tiny toys in her pockets or I’ve caught her taking money out of my husband’s wallet. What can we do about this? I’d be mortified if she was ever caught stealing something!

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Monea posted August 15

Becca, just like you’d be embarrassed if someone found out she was stealing, so would she! We dealt with this in my family and the best decision I ever made with it was to force my son to return all of the stolen items to his friends and to apologize for stealing. He hated me so much for making him do it, but that boy never stole again! 0 Likes

Grace posted August 15

I worked really hard to instill in my kids to do the right thing. We were on the bus and an older man dropped his wallet one day and I picked it up in front of my two boys and tapped the man on the shoulder and gave it back to him. He thanked me over and over again. After he got off the bus, one of my boys asked me if the next time that happened he could be the one to give the wallet back to the man. I had to try so hard not to cry! 0 Likes