Newborn photographers in LA?

I never did professional baby photos with my oldest, but I’m at almost 36 weeks into my pregnancy and I’ve started thinking about doing newborn photos of my daughter when she’s born. How do they keep the babies calm, though? Has anyone had newborn photos done that they’ve been really happy with? I’m in the West Hollywood area if that helps! Also wondering if you have any suggestions on places to take a family photo with my husband, son, and newborn daughter in a few months! Outdoors would be nice!

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Bridget posted June 24

I used The Pod Photography a few years ago! My daughter was so small when we did it! They’re so much fun to look back on. I believe The Pod team does pregnancy photos, too! Only downside is I remember them being a little pricey. My mother in law paid for it as a gift to my husband and I to celebrate the new baby! 0 Likes

Fernanda posted June 24

We did family photos last spring at the Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles. It’s magical there. Right over the city with lots of gardens, clear city views, and traditional architecture to use as backdrops! It’s a public place, so it’s free and you can go basically any day, too! 0 Likes

India posted June 24

Might be a little cliche, but we took family photos of my husband, son, and I at LACMA not too long ago! You can use the street lamp art, surrounding park, or even some of the benches outside for beautiful photos. Best of luck! Taking photos with little ones is no easy feat! 0 Likes

Leah posted July 2

My friend Erica takes the BEST photos! We do pictures ALL the time because I love them so much. Her site is 1 Like

Paula posted September 3

My best friend just did a stunning maternity shoot and was very very happy with the results. She used a photographer in West LA named Oxana Alex Photography - she also does newborn and family portraits. Being in Los Angeles there's an array of outdoor locations you can make the most of. Just off the top of my head, you could do Malibu for a beach setting, the Exposition Park Rose Garden is lovely, and the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens (just outside of Pasadena). 0 Likes
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