Should I give my nanny paid sick days?

So I’ve been interviewing some potential nannies, and one that I interviewed this week asked me if she would have paid holidays and sick days. This is my first time hiring a nanny and I wasn’t sure what to answer with! I hadn’t originally planned on sick days. What have other moms done with their nannies?

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Desiree posted June 5

I’ve always paid for holidays that fall on work days. If the bank is closed, I’ve given our nanny the day off and paid her for the day. I give my nanny five sick days a year, too, but she’s never used all of them. 0 Likes

Karen posted June 5

I always pay my nanny for sick days because I don’t want her worrying about money and then coming in to work and watching my daughter and getting her sick, too! She’s worked for me for two years though, and I think she’s only taken one or two sick days, ever! Definitely something to keep count of and make sure they aren’t abusing though! 0 Likes