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Should I give my nanny paid sick days?

So I’ve been interviewing some potential nannies, and one that I interviewed this week asked me if she would have paid holidays and sick days. This is my first time hiring a nanny and I wasn’t sure what to answer with! I hadn’t originally planned on sick days. What have other moms done with their nannies?

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Desiree posted June 5, 2019

I’ve always paid for holidays that fall on work days. If the bank is closed, I’ve given our nanny the day off and paid her for the day. I give my nanny five sick days a year, too, but she’s never used all of them. 0 Likes

Karen posted June 5, 2019

I always pay my nanny for sick days because I don’t want her worrying about money and then coming in to work and watching my daughter and getting her sick, too! She’s worked for me for two years though, and I think she’s only taken one or two sick days, ever! Definitely something to keep count of and make sure they aren’t abusing though! 0 Likes

Jill posted September 10, 2019

I actually came across a new Nanny Law in Seattle article recently which was very interesting. If I remember correctly, it stated it is now a requirement that hourly workers be paid one hour of sick leave for every forty hours worked. This is accruable after 90 days of employment. The reason for more equal rights and laws for domestic employment is that it is still quite an unregulated industry. Therefore the goal is to try and give fair pay and benefits for those who choose to be a nanny. And as an end result being a nanny gains respectability and it attracts more qualified people. This is a win for both nanny's and their families! 0 Likes
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