Tips for producing more breastmilk?

I am worried that I am not making enough milk. Any tips?

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Monica posted November 1

There are lots of foods and teas marketed for increasing milk supply - maybe test out a few and see if you notice any changes! I found I noticed a small difference but ultimately couldn’t breast feed as long as I wished I could have 0 Likes

Katie posted November 1

The best way is nursing on demand and LOTS of skin to skin contact with your baby. My first I really struggled with making enough milk but I took this advice with my second and it was MUCH easier 0 Likes

Yvette posted November 4

The key to produce more milk is supply and demand. If you remove more milk from your breasts then more milk will be produced. I found that nursing frequently and offering both sides of breasts did the trick! Consider adding pumping sessions after or between nursing sessions as well, especially if your baby is not nursing frequently enough. This can help with increasing milk production further, as pumping helps to continue removing more milk from the breasts. 0 Likes

Maile posted November 6

mothers milk tea or cookies helped me 0 Likes

Annabel posted November 12

Yes it is very important to drink plenty fluids like water and milk , but also you need to eat corn créame made of MASECA flour in boiling water and cinnamon stick.... That’s one of the ancient receipts to produce more breast milk., it really works and it’s very healthy for both mom &baby. 0 Likes
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