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What are your favorite Christmas books for kids?

What are some good winter books? My son loves the holidays and I was thinking that books would be a good idea for some of his presents this year. Thanks a ton mamas :)

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Alice posted December 9, 2019

We really like The Snowy Day! I remember this book when I was younger and have made it a tradition for our family. We started it when Jack was little and now we read it every winter at least a few times. It is a good way to talk about he winter season and snowy weather. We used to live in Lousiaina when Jack was as two but we would visit Chicago, where we now live haha, every holiday since grandma and the family live over here. This cute little classice helped us prepare Jack so when Jack had a little sister and brother we were able to start reading it to them together! This book is pretty easy to find and shouldn't be expensive. Highly suggest! 0 Likes

Elyse posted December 9, 2019

Our favorite is The Polar Express and the Grinch! We plan out activities that go with these house favorites and set them up around the house for the kids to discover and play with on their own. For the Grinch we prepare a green and red sand bin with glitter doilies and whatnot for the kids to
play and pretend with as they work out their small hand and finger muscles. You can buy them little jars or containers with lids and they can make sand art as gifts. This will keep them busy and check a
few stocking stuffers off your list haha. We also made a grinch themed slime last year which we will have to try again this year since they loved it so much. The Polar Express is simply the cutest little tale, we read this at night on the days leading up to the holidays. If you are looking for new book ideas, they have book readings at the library and even the mall sometimes. These are good opportunities to find new books to add to your seasonal sets.