What are your favorite parks with playgrounds in the San Fernando Valley?

It’s starting to get warmer and I want to spend some time outside with my little one, but we don’t have a yard. We’re in the Lake Balboa / Reseda area. What are your favorite parks and why? Playgrounds, please!

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Joelle posted June 28

Reseda Park is the best! It does have a playground, but it also has a pond with ducks and geese! Nothing gets my kids more excited than watching all of the ducks swim around. They basically ignore the playground haha! Lots of shade, too, which is a blessing on a hot day. 0 Likes

Sonya posted June 28

You’ve probably already been to the park around Lake Balboa since you’re right in that area. It’s huge! Our favorite part is the Cherry Blossoms in the springtime. It’s fun once the petals start to fall, too. My children love the petals. Pretty sure there are playgrounds around it, too. It’s a huge park. 0 Likes

Jill posted September 9

We regularly go to the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Recreation Center, it is a large city park that has a playground, a pool, as well as a soccer and baseball field! 0 Likes
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