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When should I start my toddler in swim lessons?

How early should I be starting my toddler in swim lessons? Any recommendations for good classes or teachers near Pasadena?

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Ayaka posted January 21, 2020

As far as the right age and timing, it really depends on the child and their individual readiness! Don’t force it. Not all kiddos will be comfortable with swimming at a super young age, nor is it always safe for them to do so. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends formal lessons starting at age 4 (this is when most children can hold their breath for significant amounts of time). Some parents choose to start a little earlier. 0 Likes

Shannon posted January 21, 2020

Some kids start as early as 6-months-old. Trust your gut and use common sense. You can always ask your pediatrician about when is right for your child specifically, if needed. I’ve heard good things about the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center, which offers parent/child swim lessons for little ones and individual lessons as they get older. 0 Likes

Vibion Pullins posted January 22, 2020

Find a place that you trust and ask their age range and start watch closely to see if your child is ready at anytime you dont feel like your child is safe or enjoying the lesson then opt out 0 Likes